Our carbon footprint:

We check each of our steps and optimize for innovative procedures.

Our can is 100% recyclable aluminum.

Why we decided to use a can:

Can Placeholder

A success story! 80% of all beverage cans ever produced are still in circulation today.

Reprocessing of aluminum saves approx. 95% energy compared to the production of new aluminum. This is significantly less energy than the reprocessing of used glass.

We use BPA-free cans.

Our German cooperation partner EB Secco is specialized in filling cans with beverages. The manufacturer's production occurs just a few kilometers away from ours. This means significantly lower energy consumption.

Go Green

Sustainable packaging & green shipping

We would like to help you protect the environment. We are collaborating with the family-run company SCA. Where possible, SCA uses shipping cartons and insulation made from up to 100% renewable, recyclable raw materials.

We also ship our parcels using the "Go Green" service of our shipping partner DHL. Through DHL's environmental protection program, the greenhouse gases generated by transport are offset by climate protection projects. In addition, 2,500 electric vehicles are now in use to save further CO2 emissions.


Can the aluminum in the cans pass into the contents of the beverage?

Absolutely not. The can is coated on the inside so that the contents do not come into contact with the metal. The can optimally protects the contents from the effects of light and possible germs.

Why is the MITO Drink offered in a can?

To protect all our high-quality nutrients, an opaque container is essential. Especially the vitamins B6, B12, vitamin C and E are very sensitive to light.

Why is plastic not used?

Cans are much more hygienic to fill because they can be sterilized at higher temperatures compared to plastic. In addition, transparent material is unfavorable for light-sensitive vitamins, such as vitamin C.

Where is the mito drink produced?

The mito drink is produced and bottled in Germany.

Where do the cans come from?

The cans are manufactured in the immediate vicinity in Frankfurt. This way we ensure that the whole process involves the shortest possible transport routes and that production takes place in Germany.