CARE Ingredients

Your intelligent regeneration in everyday life

Sugar is vital for the body's survival.

D-Tagatose contributes to the maintenance of tooth mineralisation and forms so-called butyrates. Butyrates are short-chain fatty acids that are produced in the large intestine. They support the creation of good bacteria. Their prebiotic properties promote a good pH value, feed our intestinal bacteria and thus create a stable intestinal flora. In addition, the blood sugar level does not rise.

Galactose is a natural sugar with a low glycemic index. It increases fat mobilisation and fat burning. Furthermore, galactose boosts your energy metabolism.

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Change your metabolism with sugar

Due to their different biochemical structures, sugars have very different effects in the human body.


Polyphenol-rich grape extract

Acai extract

Baobab fruit pulp extract

Goji extract

Healthy sugar alternatives






Vitamin C

Niacin (vitamin B3)

Pantothenic acid

Vitamin B6

Thiamine (vitamin B1)


Vitamin B12

Natural sweeteners

Flavour enhancer erythritol (E 968)

Sweetener steviol glycosides


Green tea extract

Rooibos extract

Dietary fibre

Nutriose-resistant corn dextrin

Finished with

Colanut flavour



Cassis flavour

Natural flavouring from vitamin blend



Gluconic acid

Citric acid


How can I achieve the best possible result?

The best result is achieved with a long-term consumption of both drinks. We recommend you start with our 30-day cell cure.

Is the CARE Drink vegan?

The CARE Drink is not vegan. Galactose and tagatose are obtained from milk using fermentation.

What does the CARE Drink taste like?

With the concentrated load of polyphenol-rich grapes and the special blend of cola nut and cassis, our drink has a completely new taste composition. The flavour combines acai, rooibos, baobab as well as goji and provides with this combination a fruity mix, which is also very popular with our children.

Why are we not certified organic?

The quality of our vitamin mixture, which we use in this high concentration, is not available certified organic.

For organic certification, we would have to change our special and complex recipe, which would mean that we would no longer be able to meet our quality standards.

Is the CARE Drink suitable for my diet?

Rich in vitamins and fibre, our CARE Drink is a great addition to your diet - no pills required. One can contains our smart sugar blend, making it suitable for low carb and keto diets. Also suitable for people with diabetes, lactose and fructose intolerance.

How many calories does a CARE drink have?

A 250 mL can of the CARE drink contains 47.50 kcal.