The revolution: Healthy with sugar.

Balance your intestinal flora with the right sugars, protect your teeth from cavities and replenish the energy of your mitochondria. Because not all sugar is the same.


Change your metabolism with sugar.

Due to their varying biochemical structures, sugars have very different effects in the human body.
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Your intelligent regeneration in everyday life.

This unique combination balances your intestinal flora, protects you from cavities, boosts your metabolism and replenishes your mitochondrias' energy.
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Sugar is vital for the body's survival.

With our patented sugar combination, you can completely regenerate your body.
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Indulgence without regret.

In addition to numerous vitamins, choline, taurine, polyphenol-rich plant substances and dietary fibre, CARE Drink contains four special types of sugar: the intelligent, functional sugars D-tagatose, galactose, isomaltulose and trehalose.

Intelligent sugar.

How intelligent sugar can improve your life.

Here we introduce all intelligent sugars that we have used in the CARE drink. Here you will find out what effect each kind of sugar creates in the body.


Eat intelligently.

The company Intelligent Sugar GmbH, founded by Dr. rer. nat. Johannes F. Coy, develops concepts to intelligently replace harmful household sugar with natural sugar.


Does D-tagatose promote intestinal flora?

There is scientific evidence that D-tagatose has a probiotic effect. In contrast to the oral flora, some types of bacteria in the intestinal flora can use tagatose as a food source. Various lactobacilli and some other lactic acid bacteria can ferment the sugar and form short-chain fatty acids such as butyric acid (butyrate) from it. 5. On the one hand, this promotes the growth of beneficial intestinal germs. On the other hand, studies have shown that butyrate produced by the intestinal flora supplies the intestinal cells with energy and has a health-promoting effect on them. [4]

[4]Leonel, Alda J.; Alvarez-Leite, Jacqueline I. (2012): Butyrate: implications for intestinal function. Curr Opin Clin Nutr Metab Care 15

Can children drink the CARE Drink without any problems?

Children can safely consume our CARE Drink, as well as the sugars it contains. These are tooth-friendly and provide children with energy and the desired sweetness in a gentle way.

What is the difference between the MITO & CARE Drink?

The MITO drink provides you with the energy and micronutrients for the day, so we recommend drinking the drink in the late morning or for the famous afternoon low. The CARE drink helps you regenerate your cells and is therefore ideal for the late afternoon to evening.

Where is the CARE Drink available?

You can buy the CARE Drink at our MITOcare Store in Munich or here on our website or at
We are working flat out to make sure that we will soon be available in other cities and in stores.