mito drink

Discover the secret for vitality & performance

Discover the first natural antioxidant power drink. Our mito drink was developed by doctors to supply your mitochondria - the cellular power plants of your body - with complex vitamins and minerals and thus help to promote cell regeneration.

Only 1.2g natural sweetness
Based on scientific studies
High bioavailability
MITO Drink Essence - developed by experts
100 % vegan & low carb

What makes mito drink special

Our mito drink was developed by doctors to supply your mitochondria - the cell power plants of your body - with complex vitamins and minerals and thus contribute to the promotion of cell regeneration.
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It is not just a drink

The goal of our unique mito drink essence is to always provide the body with enough nutrients for ATP production. Why? So that your body is healthy, efficient and full of energy. Studies confirm the positive effects of the mito drink essence. Take your health into your own hands now.
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We have thought of everything

Our mito drink is vegan, low carb and suitable for a keto diet. It contains no industrial sugar, but only 1.2 g of natural sweetener. The drink's high bioavailability allows your body to optimally absorb the vitamins and enzymes.
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We want to do something for our environment

We use sustainable shipping boxes, DHL shipping "Go Green" and our cans are made of 100% recyclable aluminum.

Effective & synergistic

Superfoods like acai, aronia and mangosteen meet green tea and a refreshing, pearly ginger note. A complex blend of vitamins to meet your daily needs is functionally complemented by coenzyme Q10 and L-carnitine. These carefully selected ingredients make our mito drink a unique drink that effectively and synergistically provides you with micronutrients.


Mitochondria - the energy factories of your cells.

Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells and inside them are the mitochondria. They convert the food we eat and the air we breathe into "ATP," a special kind of fuel that provides the energy our cells need.

mitochondria-2.png Mitochondria Mitochondria Mitochondria
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international cooperation

The mito drink is the official partner of European League of Football this year

mito drink is the proud partner and drink supplier of the ELF this year, supporting the players in terms of performance. Learn more about the European professional league for American Football.


Why is the mito drink always right for you?

mito drink is not an ordinary drink. Based on scientific studies, doctors have developed a rich, complex and holistic formula to provide your body with all essential vitamins and enzymes. You can cover your daily requirement of vitamins with one can of mito drink.
Due to its high bioavailability, your body can use the ingredients optimally. Various bodily functions are specifically supported - in addition, focus, alertness & performance are improved.

Is the mito drink suitable for my diet?

Our mito drink is rich in vitamins and enzymes and is therefore a great addition to your diet - and without swallowing pills. One can contains only 1.2g of natural sweetener and is therefore suitable for low carb and keto diets. In addition, our drink is vegan and has a high bioavailability.

Is the mito drink an energy drink?

Not in the classical sense - it is an antioxidant power drink that covers your vitamin balance and supports your cell function. Natural ingredients like green tea and guarana naturally contain caffeine to support your focus, alertness & performance naturally. Our recommended daily dose is one can. The mito drink unfolds its activating effect at any time of day. We recommend drinking the drink before sports, during your lunch break or at work.

What does the term mitomean?

mito is short for mitochondria - the power plants of your cells. Why you should know the function of mitochondria - and how they can be supported by our mito drink - you will learn in the menu under the item "Learn+".